The Long Road to My New Home

The not so simple act of moving to Texas was hands down the biggest adventure I’ve ever embarked on.

September of 2014 I had finally had enough of my life the way I was living it. So, on September 21 I transferred $97 from my checking account to my savings account. I was working two jobs at the time; I was a registration specialist/ER switchboard operator at the local hospital and part-time bartender. Every week after the 21st I would take $40, $49, $65 or $97 from my checking account and transfer it into my savings account. I gave up going out with friends, I didn’t rodeo or show, I didn’t spend money on anything that wasn’t a necessity.  Eight months and a few thousand dollars later I quit my job, sold everything that wouldn’t fit in my Ford Explorer said good-bye to a select few people and headed south.

My parents weren’t happy that I was set on driving by myself, but it was something I wanted to do. Several people also reminded me that I really should stop somewhere along the way for the night. Yet I made the trip alone and I drove straight through.

I felt like this trip was supposed to be my big odyssey! My journey from my old life to my new life. A journey with struggles and pains along the way.  Not that I can explain why but I felt like I had to suffer a little. It seemed the universe agreed with me because the entire time I was Nebraska it was storming to beat all hell and I drove the entire width of Kansas through fog at about 40 mph. Luckily I did have one friend that stayed up until after midnight snapchatting with me, giving me shortcuts and keeping me company.

1200 some miles, 23 hours, 3 Mountain Dews, 2 bottles of water, a can of cheesy Pringles, 5 Marlboro red cigarettes, 2 bags of teriyaki jerky and one 15 minute nap on the Kansas/Oklahoma state line later I saw the sun come up on my first day in Texas!

It was long, miserable, tedious, trying and everything I hoped it would be!


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