“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller


Nothing is exactly what my life was when I lived in Montana. I was floating through life tolerating things the way they were; miserable, meaningless and MISERABLE.

It’s amazing how we can get settled into a rut and allow ourselves to believe that “that’s just how it is”. That is not true! Life is meant to be enjoyed!! There is absolutely no reason to accept a life we are not happy with. Life may be difficult and I understand more than anyone that there are limiting factors (MONEY) but that is no reason to allow yourself to be unhappy. Whether it’s something small like buying those jeans you aren’t sure you can pull off or quitting your job and moving across the country just because you wanted to!

Life is an adventure! Whether you travel to a different country every month or just try a new restaurant tonight your life can be an adventure and don’t you think you deserve that?


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