I’ve Always Wanted To Play Guitar

The first week i lived in Texas I was living on a sort of high.  I had just done something I had wanted to do my entire life!

When the high started to wear off it was replaced with something else, “Now what am I going to do?”

Moving to Texas has been the focus of my life for so long that once I was actually here I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do next.  Had I already hit the high point of my life? Accomplish the main goal of my life at 23 and then the rest is just a downhill slide? I spent one afternoon sitting in my very empty apartment thinking about it.

Finally “The Chair” by George Strait came on my Spotify and I smiled. The night before I left Montana I had gone to my friend Andy’s house to hear him play and sing one more time and that was one of the songs he did for me. He knows I’m a sucker for George Strait! Lol.  I’ve always loved he sound and the feel a guitar brings to music, it’s wide range of emotions and I just always appreciated the skill it took to play one and play it well. Once upon a time I got to take a few guitar lessons from my schools music teacher but nothing ever really came of it.  I’d always wanted to learn how to play but I always seemed to have something more important to focus on.

I was in band and choir all through school so learning music was not a problem.  I had a bit of extra cash. An abundance of free time as I had not started looking for a job yet. So, why the hell not?

I went and bought a guitar!

At first I was thinking cheap and easy! I hit the pawn shops and learned two things. 1.) Pawn shop guitars are not cheaper than new guitars! 2.) Nobody in pawn shops know anything about guitars! After a weekend of searching and finding no guitar I asked Andy for advice. He said, “It doesn’t matter what brand or how expensive it is just get one you like the sound and the feel of.”  Ok, that shouldn’t be too hard. Of course I added in a third criteria; one that isn’t more than $120. After all I could order one off Amazon for $69.99 if I really wanted to.

 The next Monday I went to the music store in the next town over and when the older gentleman asked what he could help me with I just kind of laughed and said, “I’m 23 years old, just moved across the country by myself and I decided I want to learn to play guitar!” He laughed and said I had come to the right place and 20 minutes later I was driving home with my brand new ( $139)  guitar, 3 new picks and absolutely no idea what to do next!

Now, about two months later, I still don’t really have any idea what I’m doing but slowly but surely I think I’m learning! I can almost play a very simplified version of Amazing Grace from memory so that’s something!

By far my favorite thing about my guitar is that there is something extremely comforting about picking it up when I’m struggling with one thing or another. I’ve always been a ‘fidgeter’ that needed something to do with my hands to calm my mind and playing the guitar is amazing for that purpose. It’s also been kind of fun to keep it my own little secret!

Possibly my favorite thing about this little adventure is that it’s my little secret. Only a few people know that I bought the guitar and that I’m teaching myself to play and those people aren’t even people I’m all that close to.  It’s something I did totally and completely for myself! Something I did with none of their knowledge or input for the sole purpose of making me happy, and that felt really good!

Plus, every wandering gypsy/cowgirl needs a guitar, right!?


One thought on “I’ve Always Wanted To Play Guitar

  1. great story…. I love the acoustic guitar. Check out my websitehttp://www.thebeanproject.com/ if you like it you can Sign up. Its nothing crazy. Just help for beginner Acoustic Guitar Players. Try it out. Again great post.


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