I Kept My First Tattoo a Secret For a Whole Year

About this time 2 years ago me and my then best friend decided it was time for me to get m first tattoo.

I want to begin by saying that I had wanted a tattoo for YEARS but I could just never come up with one that meant enough for me to get it permanently drawn into my skin. At that time the infinity symbol was becoming popular with girls wanting tattoos because it symbolized forever, or never ending or the infinite hours they spent on Pinterest looking for the perfect tattoo. Add in the word Faith, Sisters, Friends, whatever suits your fancy and tada! Most popular tattoo of 2012-14.

While mine does fit that description, I’m a little different.  The meaning behind my first tattoo is huge! Everything about it means something extremely important to me.

Yes, as you can sort of tell from the picture, the tattoo is low on my right hip. It sits just about where the waist of my low-rise jeans do. I did this because I wanted it to be easily covered. Either because I decided I hated it after the fact or because I would like to remain a professional member of the work force, at the time I wanted to cover all the bases.

An infinity loop with the word Faith in it. Not all hat unique. it wasn’t meant to be. I am a religious person, not in the sense that i go to church every Sunday but I do know that we were created in the likeness of our God and that our bodies are temples to be kept clean and sacred.  Permanently disfiguring my skin is not my first, greatest or only sin.  “Normal” religion has too much structure, too many rules and expectations for my liking. I believe in God, I believe he created us, I believe his only Son died for us and our sins and I believe that if I try to live a good life and apologize for my sins I might one day get to spend the rest of eternity in Heaven.  That’s where my preaching stops.

I don’t count on good things coming to me because I believe. I don’t count on them coming because I put $5 in the collection plate every Sunday. I count on faith.

You have to have faith in something. I don’t care if it’s God, Jesus, Buddha, the Good Witch of the East or even just in yourself! Have faith!!!  Because everything begins and ends with faith (see there’s the infinity loop), it all comes back to faith. If we had no faith in anything we would float through a sad excuse for a life.

On the flip side of the coin is action.  Blind faith will not get you anywhere. It’s not enough just to believe that good things will come to you, there’s effort involved.  Luke 11:9 “So I say unto you ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”  You have to tell the universe what it is you want. How can you get a Big Mac if you don’t tell the girl at the counter that’s what you want? How are you going to find what you’re looking for if you don’t go LOOK for it? How are you going to find what you’re looking for if you don’t take the chance and see what’s behind the door that God has led you to???

In case you couldn’t tell, I didn’t get this tattoo because I thought it would look cute or because everyone else was getting them.  I got it because it’s a reminder of something I believe in, something I feel very strongly about.

Not everyone that sees it understands that. Most people don’t look any further than the girly loop. Most people instantaneously judge it as a 20 something girl making the mistake of getting a tattoo she found on the internet. That is exactly why I kept my first tattoo a secret from my family for over a year.  It is something that means a lot to me and very many of my relatives would not have seen it as that, they would have seen it as a college girl doing something stupid.

Getting tattoos that don’t mean anything to you is stupid.

Getting tattoos that have a special meaning to you is amazing!

God (or the Universe) gave you a beautiful, intricate, and unique temple to live your entire life in! Why not decorate the walls and make yourself feel a little more at home?


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