100 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. The feel of a brand new rope
  2. The first drink of cold iced tea
  3. Eating Cap’n Crunch with no milk
  4. Driving in the evening when the sun is going down
  5. Playing my guitar
  6. Closing a book after I finish it
  7. Whataburger sweet tea
  8. Writing on the last page of a notebook
  9. Hearing one of my favorite songs come on the radio
  10. The smile on a kids face when they are proud of something
  11. Puppy cuddles
  12. Getting a new tattoo
  13. the number 13
  14. Eating “Nanners” like Gramma Carrol made when I was little (Nanners are pieces of bananas and whip cream, yes it sounds weird but it’s the bomb so try it!)
  15. New notebooks
  16. Anything lime green
  17. New episodes on Netflix
  18. Having a $100 bill (it doesn’t happen very often)
  19. Driving around and exploring new back roads
  20. Being in a town I’ve never been to before, even if it’s just to stop for fuel
  21. Curly fries
  22. Cinnamon Bites from McDonald’s (the only thing I eat from there unless it’s absolutely necessary)
  23. Getting up early to go to a rodeo
  24. Getting “Likes” on my blog posts, Facebook posts, Tumblr posts, and Instagram pictures
  25. Counting my change at the end of the month
  26. New pens
  28. That funny feeling you get after you see a movie in theaters
  29. Minions
  30. My traveling partner Inspector Turtle
  31. My other traveling partner Stuart my very own minion
  32. Orange popscicles
  33. No bake cookies
  34. My homemade chili
  35. Watching young horses trying to figure out every day objects (Like foals that lick buckets to see what they are lol)
  36. Getting a haircut
  37. Meeting my step goal for the day on my Fitbit
  38. Letters and packages from my adoptive parents
  39. New iTunes cards
  40. Thinking about the future
  41. Happy memories
  42. Writing with a good pen
  43. Organizing pretty much anything
  44. Making lists
  45. Falling asleep with music playing
  46. The smell of coffee brewing
  47. Saving the perfect bite for last
  48. Using candles for light
  49. A comfy blanket on a cool night
  50. Reaching goals i set for myself
  51. Putting money into my savings account every month
  52. Coming up with a new character or idea for a story
  53. A good nights sleep
  54. Good dreams
  55. Hearing a song that’s connected to a happy memory
  56. Getting compliments on my work
  57. The smell of fresh cut hay
  58. Cool mornings in the summer
  59. Camping out at rodeos
  60. Finishing a beading project
  61. Getting ice cream from an ice cream shop
  62. Watching my favorite John Wayne movies (McLintock, Rio Bravo, etc. )
  63. When something I ordered arrives (curse you Amazon!)
  64. Fresh strawberries
  65. Fresh grapes
  66. Eating grapes and strawberries together
  67. Listening to someone play guitar
  68. The smell of marinated steak grilling
  69. The smell of fresh bread baking
  70. Pictures of my Josie when she was little
  71. Cute dog and/or puppy videos
  72. Fresh fry bread and honey
  73. Starbucks coffee
  74. Trying something new and ending up enjoying it
  75. Fresh cinnamon rolls
  76. Buying a new pair of jeans
  77. Inspiration
  78. Finding a good motivational quote
  79. Crosses
  80. Listening to someone explain the meaning behind their tattoos
  81. Being naturally tan in the summer
  82. That “after workout” feeling
  83. Accomplishing something I’ve been struggling with
  84. Seeing pictures and videos of my dog D (I miss her, but I know she’s happier on my parents place)
  85. A nice cold beer after a long, hot day
  86. Crossing items off a list
  87. Finding something in Pink Camo
  88. The smell of mountain pine trees after it rains
  89. Riding in a freshly worked arena
  90. Opening the door and feeling the air conditioning after being outside in the heat
  91. Finding that perfect “comfy spot” after crawling into bed
  92. Riding a horse bareback
  93. Playing fetch with a dog
  94. Awesome quotes
  95. Hanging out on a *beach* with my feet in the water ( lakes and rivers because I’ve never been to a real beach but it’s on my bucket list)
  96. Big shiny pickups and big shiny horse trailers
  97. Listening to an auctioneer
  98. Coming out of the arena after a good run
  99. Having an odd number of ice cubes in my drink
  100. Finishing this list!! (Which was oddly harder than I expected it to be!)

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