My Goals for August and beyond 

 One of the ways I like to keep myself motivated is by setting goals. An added bonus to coming up with new goals is I get to make lists!! Of course accomplishing goals is pretty good too.

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to setting goals is not following through. For example: saying, “I want to lose 10 pounds.” and then weighing yourself to see if you lost 10 pounds.  Obviously you have to work to accomplish your goals but your goals also have to be on your mind as often as possible! What you think about most often is where your energy goes, whether you realize it or not.

Personally I do this a couple of ways.

  1. write my goals for this month at the end of all my journal entries, which I write in before I go to bed.
  2. I put them somewhere I will see them A LOT (I use the fridge because…. well… I open the fridge A LOT!) That way you always have a clear, simple reminder.

Something else I find helpful when setting/accomplishing goals is setting goals of different time frames. For example: This Month, Next Few Months, A Year Or More.

My goals are constantly changing and evolving depending on my life but here are my goals for August (and beyond! lol)

This Month

  1. I will teach myself the C Chords on the guitar
  2. I will complete 30 days of 10,000 steps/day with my Fitbit
  3. I will get more horses to train at work
  4. I will get Josie shipped from Montana to Texas

Next Few Months

  1. I will find myself a place to live
  2. I will have $3,000 in my savings account
  3. I will get 25 followers on my WordPress blog
  4. I will get my Texas drivers license

A Year Or More

  1. I will pay my student loans down to $7,000
  2.  I will get my own pickup
  3. I will get my own horse trailer
  4. I will get back to competing in rodeo

It is completely normal to NOT meet your goals, no matter how discouraging that fact may be, it is fine.  Just regroup and attack again!!

It is also completely normal to CELEBRATE when you do accomplish your goals!!!!!!!


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