Celebrate Your Victories, Even The Small Ones!

Yesterday afternoon my boss sent me a link to a Facebook post; a local reining horse trainer looking for an intern assistant.  She said he and his wife are very nice and it would be a great place for me to learn a lot.  At first I shied away from the idea but I am here to gain more experience, so I sent him a quick message. Just asking if the position was still open and letting him know that if it was still open I was very interested.

When I went to bed I hadn’t heard from him but I woke up around three this morning and saw that he had responded.  He asked me to tell him a little more about myself and after a few messages he told me to come over and meet him and his wife.

I couldn’t get back to sleep until almost 5:30 am and spent the majority of this morning psyching myself up mentally to go meet this guy and hopefully impress him.  After I rode my colts at work I came back to the house enjoyed the air conditioning for a bit, steadying my nerves as much as I could, and got in the Exploder.

It wasn’t a long meeting but the trainer and his wife were both very nice and after talking for awhile we agreed on me starting my ‘trial run’ bright and early tomorrow morning.

Nothing is for certain yet, so I am being cautiously optimistic, but I am still excited.

This is what I came here to do! I dropped nearly everything to move to the opposite side of the country, by myself, with no job lined up or anything.  Within my first four months in Texas I have a job training colts at an up and coming facility and now I have the chance to work with and learn from a proven reining horse trainer….. If that’s not something that deserves celebrating I don’t know what is.

It’s important to remember that; remember to celebrate your victories, no matter how small.  You won silver at the Olympics, you didn’t get the job but the interview team was still impressed, you finished your assignment before the deadline even if you got a C.  A victory is a victory no matter how big or small.  How can you keep your motivation up if all you ever do is chase that final goal?

Use smaller wins as stepping stones to boost your confidence and you’ll be amazed how quickly the ‘big picture’ starts coming into focus.  Then you can really go all out with the celebrating!!!


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