Top 10 George Strait Songs

I’m only 23 years old but, “music these days just isn’t the same.” I love music, I can’t go a day without listening to something.  Growing up it was all country radio; Chris Ledoux, Mark Chestnut, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Alan Jackson all had new songs on the radio and life was good.  As I got older I branched out my musical tastes but country was always my ‘default’, at least up until the last five years or so.

There’s too much pop in my country!  Don’t get me wrong, I was a Florida Georgia line fan and I loved me some Jason Aldean (some of his stuff I do still like) but I never had a crush on Luke Bryan and I wasn’t a Taylor Swift fan (blame it on the extremely disappointing concert at National FFA). I started missing the days when country music told a story, a story beyond tan-legged bimbos dancing on hoods of pickups. (Seriously; I would have got my ass BEAT for that)

Thankfully I found refuge in Texas County and/or Red Dirt music and thanks to Spotify and iTunes I can always go back to the real music. In honor of ‘real country music’ I thought I would share this post with you.

A list of my 10 favorite George Strait songs, because nobody makes good music like the King of Country.

Check out the links if you feel so inclined!

  1. Amarillo By Morning
  2. I Can Still Make Cheyenne
  3. The Chair
  4. Carrying Your Love With Me
  5. The Cowboy Rides Away
  6. I Just Want to Dance With You
  7. Blue Clear Sky
  8. Run
  9. Easy Come, Easy Go
  10. Cowboys Like Us

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