Livin’ On Tulsa Time

Sorry I’ve been MIA!!!!!!!

Life got hectic for me again, in a good way, and I haven’t had much time to write or blog.

I just got back from a 9 day trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma with my boss and five of our competition horses for the Tulsa Reining Classic. It was a crazy 9 days but I learned lots and had a great time, we even had a couple horses bring home some money! Reining is still a little out of the ‘rodeo cowgirls’ comfort zone but I got to meet and interact with some of the biggest names in the business over the last week and a half and I LEARNED A LOT!!!!!

Plus a small added bonus: I got to (sort of) cross off one of my Not A Bucket List items – Drive Route 66.  Technically I want to drive it end to end as a big road trip but since Route 66 is also 15th street in Tulsa it kind of counts lol. But we had lunch at Tally’s diner and I took 66 several times to get across town so I’m not really counting it but it was still pretty cool.

While I’m here I’ll share some of the pictures I have from my first ‘real’ horse show adventure and I will also let you know that I am in the process of trying to get a Blogging Schedule or Calendar set up so there is some resemblance of order here!

All packed and ready to go the night before.
Leaving Aubrey at about 4am Saturday morning. The Boss Man in the pickup pulling the 6 horse and me in the Infinity pulling the 2 horse.
Oklahoma saying good morning.
Pulling into Tulsa.
A couple days before we left I had gotten bucked off a horse at my other job and sprained my wrist pretty well. It made my life difficult and slightly painful lol
My eating habits suffered: Day 2 of Pizza Hut delivered to the Hotel Room
Our stall card at Expo Square Tulsa
Me and one of our geldings JJ after his early morning bath.
At rodeos if the drag the arena it’s one tractor running for about 5 minutes. At this reining they were running 2-3 tractors and it took them an average of 2 minutes…. well played reiners, well played.
Half way through the week, still rockin’.
Truck stop coffee and chocolate donuts for breakfast at approximately 330am
Rockin my RayBans, Tie Dye King Ropes Cap and my wrist brace!
My ‘sort of bucket list moment’.
This is a picture of one of our studs Tony. I had him tied up while I cleaned his stall and some how or other he got his bucket clipped to the noseband of his halter…… he’s talented like that. lol (don’t worry I had a hold of him so nothing bad would happen while I took the picture)
Flashback to my college days when I ate junk like this 24/7!!!
Bad eating habits continued: I ate supper from Subway 5 times while we were there! AND I DON”T EVEN LIKE SUBWAY!!!! ( I blame the sugar cookies )
Waiting for the Boss Man and JJ to make one of their runs. I chew on things (it’s a nervous tick) and this particular water bottle tasted strongly of Show Sheen and Fly Spray lol #horsegirlproblems
Jesse was trying to help me clean stalls, he’s suck a sweet little guy!
This was my view at least once a day while I sat on the folding table in our tack stall and re-rolled polo wraps we had used that day.
During morning workouts I would walk/trot one horse for the Boss Man and then sit in the judges chair and hold the horse he wasn’t riding. It’s a very difficult job!
Early mornings, late nights and lots of driving.
The barn in the stalls next to us had a few Hispanics working for them and one afternoon I made friends and they shared there beer with me!
The main coliseum. 
The last of the early morning workouts. Nine days was catching up to all of us.


Packed up, changed into comfy clothes and southbound. God Bless I-35!!!!!

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