Big Dreams = Big Decisions

Last week I had to make what was possibly one of the most difficult decisions of my life, thus far.  I got a job offer to manage one of the barns I was working for.  Two barns (29 stalls), a small house, new shop, new covered arena and round-pen and my own training/showing operation. My dream job; what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. This job offer was everything came to Texas for; and I turned it down.
I was offered the job of my dreams and I politely declined.
Now, before I get the crazy looks and confused questions let me explain a few things. 1) Every thing I do every single day is so that I can make a name for myself.  Whether my business ends up as a household name or just a small operation down the road I will make sure that people know who I am, what I do and they will know that I do it well!  I was always that kid that was “going to make something of myself” regardless of what my peers and/or elders thought.  That has not changed.  I’m twenty-three and I have big plans for myself and NOTHING is going to stop me from making those plans happen. 2) I am a big supporter of informed decisions.  I learned from a very young age that the only person that is watching out for me is MYSELF and I have learned to act accordingly.  I can talk business better than some 40-50 year olds because I see all too often how easy it is for them to discount people my age based on ‘inexperience’ or for simply being ‘too young’.  So, I don’t give them the chance; I know what they are really saying, I know all the ‘catch phrases’ and ‘power words’ and I know what questions to ask and who to go to for the answers.
That being said, here’s the rest of the story.  It turns out that the business partners in charge of the company (the ranch) had a ‘falling out’ over a person they had different opinions of.  Because of this disagreement one partner told the other that they were not willing to be in business together anymore.  Since one of the partners (my boss) is the one that hired me I basically lost my job. But, the other partner came to me not a week later with an ‘opportunity’ as she called it.  I get along well with both partners and both had talked with me often about their plans to incorporate me into their new and growing operation. Luckily I asked a few well aimed questions at my boss and she finally came clean about the business coming apart because of personal differences and lack of funds. So, when the other partner came to me with this offer to manage the horse side of the business I had a slight advantage.
I knew the real story behind the changes, I knew the finances were in trouble and I knew that the business itself was falling apart.  it’s fairly obvious that their new business plan is going to send them and their operation straight into the dirt.
No matter how much I wanted to say yes to the offer, there was no doubt in my mind that saying yes was the wrong idea.
My plan to make it big depends on keeping my name in good standing. Getting into business with a ranch that’ll be going under soon is a bad idea.  Especially when, as the horse manager/head trainer, all the bad blood would fall on me because I would be the name and the face the public would be dealing with. No matter how nice the owners were to me when I was new to the area, I’m not risking my future on them.
Unfortunately, I will no longer be associated with that ranch.  I will forever be grateful to them for taking a chance on hiring the new girl from Montana and it is because of the people there that I was able to meet my mentor and come to work for him. I already have a good job with a great trainer and I’m not going to give up the good foundation I have started there.  I want nothing more in this world than to run my own barn and training facility but I want to do it on my terms when it will do me the most good.
My time will come.  I just have to keep working hard, keep my head on straight, keep being patient and remember to be grateful for what I have.


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