Calloused fingers, lead changes and Thanksgiving invitations.

 Today has been an oddly interesting day.

My boss decided that since we had finished a little early we would take some time and really concentrate on I on my lead changes. What we both expected to be a long and trying practice session took about 15 minutes!! Only three tries for me to get two really good changes! Some times it takes me forever but today everything must’ve just clicked. Hopefully it clicks again tomorrow! lol

After work I went to check on Josie and she is still fat and still a little lame so no exercise for her just yet.  Since I didn’t ride I thought I’d run into Crossroads to get my couch  I have on layaway only to get there and realize that I had left my debit card at home. #annoyedface So, I drove all the way back home and decided to practice with my guitar instead.

Then to end my oddly successful day of not accomplishing anything my boss sent me a text inviting me to their Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday.  (We’re reiners so everyone will be in OKC for actual Thanksgiving lol) Me being me I politely declined because I didn’t want to intrued on family time  Of course he insisted and then explained that it’s part of their tradition to have some of the clients and his assistant (me) there so I agreed.  This’ll be the first time I’ve been to a “real” Thanksgiving dinner since high school when I still lived with my parents!

Pretty much every day something happens that shows me how right I was to chase this dream of mine. It’s not always a big ‘something’ but the little ‘somethings’ are pretty awesome too!

Be grateful for the ‘somethings’ in your life!!!


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