Merry Christmas!!!

 I haven’t been this excited for Christmas since I was a little girl!

Why? You ask. Because, it’s my first Christmas in Texas! The weather is beautiful, I have the ranch to myself, my apartment is clean, my obnoxious little tree is overwhelmed with presents from friends and family, everything is just awesome!

Christmas is usually an odd time of year for me.  For the last few years I normally volunteered to work holidays so that my coworkers could spend the time with their families. I’m just a nice person like that! Also, I love me some overtime pay

Spending my Christmas by myself and 1300 miles away from family is greatly overcast by the fact that this is my FIRST CHRISTMAS IN TEXAS!

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, I finished recuperating from the flu, worked on a couple stories, worked on a few blog posts, had a freakin’ awesome steak dinner, baked cheap Christmas cookies and of course opened one of my Christmas presents early as per tradition.  See; in my family we always had the big family dinner on Christmas Eve and we were all allowed to open one of our presents early. Then Christmas morning we would wake up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and open the rest of the presents.

This morning I enjoyed sleeping in and after checking horses (in my yoga pants) I threw some cinnamon rolls in the oven and hit play on the best Christmas movie EVER – “White Christmas” before, literally, tearing into my presents!

For the first time in a long time Christmas has made me feel so happy and loved and all around blessed.

I hope everyone enjoys their

 Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, because not everyone celebrates the same way! Some celebrate with friends and family, some celebrate by ourselves, some don’t celebrate at all while medical staff celebrate in hospitals, law enforcement celebrate in their patrol cars and the members of our military celebrate on the other side of the world.

Be happy! Be Grateful! And even if just for today; love each other!


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