Goodbye 2015!

I’m not afraid to say that 2015 was a fantastic year for me!

As we draw closer to the New Year I become reflective over the past year, as do most of us I’m sure, and I discovered that really I haven’t accomplished ANYTHING! Sure I moved across the country by myself and yes I got a job/apprenticeship with one of the top reining horse trainers in the industry… but that’s it. An entire year, a year that changed my life, but really what did I do? Answer: I coasted, skated, took the easy road and enjoyed the scenery. I did one big thing and rode on its coat tails for the rest of the year.

That’s been on my mind a lot the last week or so.  Being a goal oriented type of person it deeply upset me that I didn’t push myself more. For most of the year I sat in the euphoric haze of accomplishing one big goal. I HAVE LOTS OF BIG GOALS! Why does achieving one mean that I can just ignore the others?

I let myself be lazy.

However, being upset with myself has long been one of my best motivations! So, there will not be any stereotypical new years resolutions for this kid! No losing weight, no eating healthier, no spending more time with family, nope, nope, nope.

In 2016 I will do one thing and one thing only: challenge myself.

Stay tuned for more 😉 


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