1,116 Ounces

One thousand, one hundred and sixteen ounces.

Roughly 8 1/2 gallons.

Why did I challenge myself to drink 36 oz of water a day for 31 days? Simply put: because I need to be healthier. I drink A LOT of coffee and even more Mountain Dew!! In December of 2014 I was actually in the emergency room at 2am because I had a kidney infection from… you guessed it! Too much caffeine!. I swore, “Never again. I’m going to drink less junk and more water!” Ya…. Well it was a good thought.

I’m not “unhealthy” my job keeps me in good shape, I cook for myself rather than eating drive through, I take my vitamins when I remember and apart from my yearly death by flu and the odd horse related catastrophe I never have to go to the doctor. But drinking more water isn’t just about my health.

Obviously drinking more water should help my appetite, clear up my skin, keep my metabolism happy, replenish my body after chasing colts around the round pen for 8 hours a day plus a ton of other healthy stuff.

Drinking more water is also going to save me more money.  I haven’t done the actual math but I feel safe in saying that between Mountain Dew and Coffee I probably spend around $30 a month on caffeine. A typical day for me is at least one cup of coffee and at least one evil, little, green can, possibly two. $30 might not sound like much but when I only make $800 a month and $500 of it is automatically spoken for…. well… money gets tight. $30 is a full tank of gas, $30 is more and healthier groceries, $30 is money in a savings account, $30 is paying ahead on my student loans.

$30 for 12 months is $360! It adds up!

So, if forcing myself to finish a 36 oz bottle of water everyday helps me live a little longer AND save money while I do it!?!?!

Chug-a-lug! Chug-a-lug!

P.S. On January first I broke my middle finger in a ‘horse related accident’. A very interesting way to start the new year! lol




3 thoughts on “1,116 Ounces

  1. I wish I had your will power! One sleepless night and I hit the coffee hard. Lol. My goal is to have my coffee in the morning and then drink 3 24oz water bottles while at work. Most of the time, I get close, sometimes I don’t. Lol


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