“I Never Liked St. Valentine” – Reckless Kelly

Happy Valentines Day! Or Happy Singles Awareness Day! Whichever you prefer.

Personally I’ve never had a ‘valentine’ nor do I foresee one in my near or distant future. That’t just how my life goes, it’s not something I’m bitter about it’s just a fact of being me. I am however one of those that thinks Valentines Day is a made up holiday. Maybe at one point in time, back when people slaughtered goats for sacrifice and wore togas to public bath houses, it was actually a celebration the the Saint. Now however it’s just a reason for annoying couples to be even more annoying! lol

Back in college me and a group of like minded friends came across this song, by one of my all time favorite bands, and it’s turned into my own little Valentine’s Day anthem. Now I want to share it with you.





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