Not A Bucket List

Not A Bucket List

(But if it were; there would be an adventure for every year I’ve been on this crazy journey so far)

  1. Get a tattoo (x4)
  2. Drink a Shiner Bock beer in Texas
  3. Buy my own place
  4. Start my own horse training business
  5. Own a 65 Fastback
  6. Drive Route 66 end to end
  7. Get something I write published
  8. Watch all three of the Triple Crown races live (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes)
  9. Walk barefoot on a beach
  10. Dye my hair a crazy color
  11. Visit all 50 states (Current count: 13)
  12. Go to a concert at Billy Bobs Texas
  13. Buy a guitar and learn to play guitar
  14. Watch the National Finals Rodeo live
  15. Take flying lessons and possibly get my pilots license
  16. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  17. Watch my best friend get married
  18. Buy a brand new pickup
  19. Get my concealed carry permit
  20. Read the Bible cover to cover
  21. Learn a second language
  22. Pay off my student loans
  23. Be able to run a 5k (aka 3.11 miles)
  24. Adopt a retired Military Working Dog

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